The Vall Ferrera

Vall Ferrera is situated in the North of Catalunya which limits on one side with France and on the other with Andorra.

The Vall Ferrera with its rivers and vegetation during the different seasons of the year, is a unique valley. In the high mountains of the Vall Ferrera we find beautiful surroundings because due to the fact that an important quantity of protected species of flora and fauna live in these mountains.

FromÀreu you can do various interesting walks such as the ascent to the Pica d’Estats (the highest peak in Catalunya with 3,143 metres), to the Monteixo and go to renown natural lakes like the Lago de Baborte or the Lago de Aixeus.

Hidden in the depths of the mountains of Àreu and the valley (vídeo)we find cabins or huts, where the shepherds spent the nights in the high mountain. In the winter, mountain skiing, walking trips wearing snow shoes, etc. Also, there is fishing in spring and summer.

Besides Areu, we must also visit the villages of Ainet de Besan, Alins, Araos, with the church of Sant Esteve, the chapel of Sant Francesc and the woods of Viros. Besan, an uninhabited village, with its Romanesque church of Santa Maria. In Noris, the church of Sant Serni. In Tor, the highest village in the valley, we can visit the Romanesque church of Sant Pere, the castle of Tor and, though the forest trail, we can do excursions to the Puerto de Cabus and Andorra.